When it comes time to plan a residential or commercial roofing project, we know that there are a lot of options available for roofing material. While tile roofing, asphalt shingles, flat roofs, and metal roofing all have their advantages, when you need the best shingle-style roofing available today, you need architectural shingles. And when you need the best Architectural Shingle Baldwin County and Mobile County have to offer, you need Coastal Roofing.

Our mission is simple: to make sure Alabama homeowners get the protection, style, and quality craftsmanship they deserve, all at a great price.

Architectural Shingle Baldwin County and Mobile County Homeowners Can Rely On

While traditional asphalt roofing has been a staple for decades, the advancement of the architectural shingle has put many traditional roofing options to shame. With architectural shingles, commercial buildings, churches, and residential homes receive a number of important benefits:

  • Easier Installation – Architectural shingles are built in a three-dimensional texture, which makes them both sturdier and heavier than other types of asphalt roofing solutions. That means they do not need additional support, reducing the amount of time and resources you need to invest in your new roof installation.
  • Appearance – Architectural shingles allow for a great deal of personalization. You can choose patterns and colors to give your home a truly personal touch, or you can match the existing style of your home. Additionally, you can even find options that imitate other forms of roofing.
  • Lifespan – When it comes to longevity, architectural shingles have an edge over many other roofing options. They last longer and are more resistant to damage, which helps contribute to its long lifespan, between 30 and 50 years. Additionally, these shingles are able to withstand 120 mile per hour winds, which any Gulf Coast homeowner knows is important come hurricane season.
  • Affordability – One of the principle advantages of architectural shingle roofing is the fact that it is incredibly affordable. Not only is it among the most economic options for roofing, but its solid construction means that there will be significantly fewer upkeep costs when compared to other asphalt roofing options.

Coastal Roofing: the Commercial and Residential Roofing Experts

With a 17 year track record, Coastal Roofing is proud to serve our customers throughout Baldwin and Mobile County. We take pride in our ability to offer the very best in both workmanship and customer service, no matter the job.

If you are looking for architectural shingle in Baldwin County or Mobile County, call Coastal Roofing for a free quote today.