There are many options to consider when planning your residential roofing project, but none have stood the test of time better that three tab shingles. These popular and effective shingles have been a go-to choice for Mobile and Baldwin County homeowners for decades.

Benefits of this classic roofing option include:


  • Weather Resistance – As anyone who has ever lived on the Gulf Coast knows that the weather can be a real burden for homeowners. With three tab roofing Mobile County and Baldwin County residents can feel comfortable come rain or shine.
  • Color Options – There are a number of unique color options for three tab shingles. That means that you are able to find the right tile to match your home and your own personal tastes.
  • Versatility – The popularity of three tab roofing means that there are a number of different options you can select when deciding on the specific product that is right for you. With Coastal Roofing, you can choose the material that is best suited for your life in Baldwin or Mobile County.
  • Lifespan – When it comes to your three tab shingle roofing, you can expect your tiles to last between 15 and 30 years. That means less hassle for you when it comes to roof maintenance.
  • Affordability – Three tab shingle roofing is the very definition of getting more for less. With this material, you get all the benefits listed above at an incredibly reasonable price.


Coastal Roofing Offers the Three Tab Roofing Baldwin County and Mobile County Deserve

Coastal Roofing has a 17-year track record of providing Baldwin and Mobile County with the very best in roofing solutions. We pride ourselves in offering the best workmanship and customer services in the area.

When Looking for three tab roofing Baldwin and Mobile County homeowners know they can trust Coastal Roofing to do the job right.